Data Design Services, Inc. is pleased to offer the full range of PureFlex fiberglass butterfly and ball valves. PureFlex is a world leading manufacturer of high performance Fluoropolymer and Composite products and technologies. They specialize in the manufacturing of fluid handling and sealing products specifically designed for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and ultra-pure related industries. 
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Hills McCanna

Hills-McCanna is the USA pioneer and a world leader in the design, production and application of diaphragm valves. First introduced over 75 years ago, Hills-McCanna valves have consistently proven their value in tough applications through years of reliable service. The valves are designed to handle a wide range of fluids and gases including highly corrosive toxic chemicals and abrasive slurries. Available in a wide variety of materials and options in sizes 1/2” to 12” with a temperature range of (-)40ºF to (+)400ºF at pressures to 200 psig. 
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Media Valve

The Mosites Butterfly Valve was first manufactured in 1961 as part of a product line of corrosion/ erosion-resistant rubber products made by Mosites Rubber Company of Fort Worth, Texas. Incorporated in 1968 as Media Valve Company, our design concept of bonded elastomeric lined surfaces affords the end user an economical means of complete isolation of flow stream contaminants. Our close association with Mosites Rubber Company assures us of constant access to the highest quality elastomeric compounds. Only foundry castings, miscellaneous steel parts and automation devices are supplied by outside vendors. All of the elastomeric compounds used by Media Valve Company are custom blended and compounded at our own facilities in Fort Worth. A large inventory of raw body castings is maintained for immediate production. Our air conditioned manufacturing facility houses all of the required machining and molding equipment. In strict accordance with the highest quality standards, every Mosites Butterfly Valve is subjected to applicable hydrostatic seat seal and shell test requirements.
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ChemValve is a manufacturer of high performance, extended life (on average two times the life of other valves); fully lined plug and ball check valves that can be tailored to your specific application needs. The ChemValve manufactures Fully Lined Plug, Ball Check, and Double Block and Bleed Valves in sizes 1” through 8” to accommodate many pipe line sizes. Our valves are an excellent choice for corrosive and/or corrosive plus abrasive applications due to their adjustability and flexibility of design. The Fully Lined Plug Valve also has adjustable chevron PTFE packing. The six ring set, combined with the fully lined bonnet, is much more substantial than the thin diaphragms used in other lined plug valve designs. This means there is little chance of either corrosive stem leakage onto the bonnet of the valve or fugitive emissions to the atmosphere. These features convert directly into cost savings for the user through minimum down time and replacement costs. One of the unique features of our fully lined plug valves is the field replaceable seats. Our liners are injection molded at our facility. This process creates a uniformly dense thickness of heavy plastic lining ensuring no weakness in the liner. The Fully Lined Ball Check Valve has high performance, extended life (on average two times the life of other valves), fully lined ball check valves. These valves are designed to give the customer a valve that will last longer and perform better in the line. The liners to our ball check valves are injection molded for better liner life over time. The spring assisted ball check valves offer high precision to ensure performance.
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