PTFE Products

Ethylene, LLC

Ethylene. LLC is a leading manufacturer of high performance, seamless fluoropolymer lined components designed to protect and restore equipment used in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. We offer a broad range of both standard and customized corrosion resistant products lined with seamless PTFE fluoropolymers. Ethylene, LLC is a leading developer and supplier of protective coatings for power generation, industrial and aerospace applications. The company operates service centers throughout the industrialized world to serve original equipment manufacturers, electric utilities, industrial processing facilities and airlines. Flexijoint®, Ethylarmor®, FLO-VU® and pHampler® are registered trademarks of Ethylene LLC. 
  • FLO-VU 
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Impreglon develops and applies high-grade surface coatings for industry and production. Coating combinations designed for specific applications, based on fluoropolymers, metals, plastics, ceramics, nanostructures and powder coatings, optimize traction properties, corrosion protection, nonstick properties and resistance to wear of the substrates. Impreglon has its own plants in over ten countries around the world. The expansion of international activities is essential to the company in order to be near its customers (right in your backyard) and to offer a consistently high standard of quality of industrial coatings around the world (worldwide quality coatings). In addition to developing and applying coatings, Impreglon handles all other services required by its customers, from procurement to warehousing and delivery of the finished components (one-stop shopping).
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Durcor® is the world’s first advanced structural composite piping system designed exclusively to be lined with seamless PTFE. Durcor’s architecture was optimized from the start, not compromised by conversion. It is the strongest, lightest, most chemically resistant piping system available. Strong, Light Weight, Zero Corrosion. Durcor’s thick wall PTFE liner provides unmatched internal chemical resistance while its revolutionary vinyl ester / fiberglass housing provides outstanding exterior corrosion protection, high impact resistance and excellent span and burst capabilities. The construction of Durcor offers the ultimate in physical properties and corrosion resistance and carries the industry’s first (10) year warranty against environmental corrosion.
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