Brawn Mixer

BRAWN MIXERS are engineered to your application based on a unique modular approach. After the inquiry is received, application engineers select the components: motor, drive mechanism, mounting, shaft and impeller that will result in optimal mixer performance for that specific application. The result is a custom solution at a standard price. Consider the advantages: 
  1. The Ideal Solution Each BRAWN MIXER is engineered from components best suited to your specific requirements: motor horsepower, gear or direct drive, clamp, fixed or closed tank mounting, correct shaft and optimal impeller design. You don't settle for the “closest” mixer from an off the shelf product, paying for horsepower you don't need or a drive ratio that's not ideal for your needs. 
  2. Lower Overall Cost BRAWN MIXER utilizes standard NEMA C-Face motors that, together with the modular design, lowers your spare parts inventory requirements and maintenance issues for long-term performance and maximum return on your investment. 
  3. Flexibility BRAWN MIXERS can usually be field upgraded to meet your changing requirements and multiple applications. This offers a high degree of flexibility to processors who have a variety of applications and growing needs that require different mixer configurations. Motors, gear ratios, mountings and impellers can be switched out using standard tools. 
  4. Faster Delivery Despite our built-to-order approach, our modular design allows us to maintain an enviable track record for delivery. Nearly 70% of all BRAWN orders are shipped within 10 working days; you can have the mixing solution you need, when you need it.

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